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Why choose us for your Motorhome Service????

Why choose us over a main dealer service or a none motorhome specialist service, the answer is simple! we are specialists at looking after your pride & joy. At Thomas Auto Tec most of us our motorhome owners, we know that stepping into your motorhome is like stepping in the front door of your house and you wouldn’t expect us to do that with dirty boots or cloths on would you, which is why we won’t do it in your motorhome. Not only are we clean and tidy we service a motorhome as a motorhome and not as a commercial vehicle which is what a main dealer will do. Can you imagine being in the French Alps and you get a puncture, your wearing your best cloths, you pull out your jack and raise your motorhome up, you undo your wheel bolts and the wheel is stuck to the hub because your wheels have not been removed for three years and there rusted on, your now lying on the floor and kicking the wheel to try and remove it. This is something we hear about on a regular basis after a main dealer or none specialist service. Removing the wheels and cleaning the hub face and inner wheel face is just one of hundreds of items we do, this is not because the none specialist dealer is not doing his job right, its because that is whats recommended by the vehicle manufacture at different mileages, but as you well know most motorhomes do very little mileage each year and most of the mileage is done in one or two large trips.


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