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Thieves targeting parked motorhomes 

Take precautions or set alarms before visiting Bronte Museum

If you fancy a trip to Bronte country this Easter then be extra careful when parking. As you enter the West Yorkshire village of Haworth, home of the Bronte Parsonage, there are numerous signs directing traffic to the official Parsonage car park. This is on three levels, with the lower level particularly suitable for coaches and motorhomes. Unfortunately it is also a crime hot-spot with a Community Officer Farooq Hussain of West Yorkshire Police, revealing that there are currently three to four vehicle break-ins every week in the local car parks.

A parked motorhome is a particularly attractive target, so either remove all valuable possessions and keys before leaving it, or ensure that you have an alarm that works in the habitation area. Many large motorhome windows are made from plastic, which are easy to bend without breaking, and have caravan-style fasteners holding them shut. These are easy to break by forcing the window, allowing entrance to the motorhome without the sound of breaking glass. The Bronte Parsonage car park is not visible from the road and has numerous footpath exits.

Bradford City Council, which operates the car parks, has not installed CCTV so both this and the other car park, in Haworth, are completely unprotected. If you arrive back at your motorhome and a crime is in progress call 999. If it has already been broken into and the thieves have vacated the scene, call 101.

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