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New Vehicle?

Do you own a new vehicle? Are you paying to much for your servicing & repairs? We can help. At Thomas Auto Tec we have all the latest technology and Bosch Diagnostic Equipment, our highly trained staff will advice you. When was the last time you went to a garage and was able to speak to the person that repaired your vehicle? Would you go to the dentist & not be able to speak with the dentist that fixed your teeth? At Thomas Auto Tec we like you to speak to our technicians, so you know what was done and why it was done. We also keep all parts that have been removed from your vehicle, so that you can see what we changed. We spend around £3000 a year on training with company’s like Bosch, Delphi, LUK, Comma. We like to keep our technicians up to date with all the latest technology. We can advice you on what oils your vehicle should use. There is hundreds of oils on the market, you may look in your handbook and see that your car may take 5/30w engine oil, which 5/30w oil would you put in your car? There is around 10 different 5/30w oils all have different specs for each car manufactures, that’s why we have training from oil company’s like Comma, Castrol & Valvoline. We get to know your vehicle on a personal basis & look after it like its our own.