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Motorhome Servicing

Your motorhome is a road vehicle and to keep you, your passengers and other road users as safe as possible, you need to have it serviced regularly just as you would a car.

We supply everything from motorhome accessories, awnings and bike racks to providing annual habitation servicing & repairs. We provide you with complete peace of mind whilst we carry out your specialist servicing and repair. We can deal with roof re-seals, replacement skylights and windows.




You will need to have the living area serviced annually. This is called the habitation service. The water, gas, electrical and heating systems will all need to be checked and maintained to ensure they’re running safely and smoothly. We also carry out a damp test in your motorhome and there will also be a check for any leaks in the basic structure.

With servicing motorhomes many workshops will class your motorhome as a commercial vehicle. The reason for this is because manufactures only issue commercial vehicle service intervals, which is fine for a commercial vehicles but not a motorhome. Most car and commercial vehicle servicing will not have certain components checked, it really depends on the age and mileage of your vehicle. If you do the same with a motorhome, components such as road wheels will become corroded and stuck to the hub surface, making it extremely difficult to remove (See videos below). This is a prime example of a problem found in commercial vehicle servicing, this customer won’t have this issue ever again after visiting us. The maintenance of your vehicle is essential and we take extra care in ensuring every element has been checked over, including the underneath of your vehicle has been rust protected like handbrake cables, brake hose metal ferrules and metal brake pipes etc. Our motorhome Service Centre prides itself on a friendly, personal & professional service. We have a free collect and delivery service within a 5 mile radius and all our staff have fully comprehensive insurance.

For MOT test purposes, your motorhome should be covered by the normal car MOT test scheme. In a few circumstances, motorhome converters do not notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about the conversion and some larger units retain their original vehicle classification. If you find this is true for your motorhome – and you are required to have more frequent, expensive MOT tests – contact the DVLA for advice on changing the classification.

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