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Motorhome Insurance 

Get a competitive quote and save hundreds of pounds

Protecting your motorhome investment with insurance is one of those financially painful, but essential, tasks that comes with ownership. However, the cost of insurance can vary wildly so Which Motorhome magazine set about finding the best-value insurance for a typical motorhome. Posing as a fictional customer, some 28 different insurers were called, looking for a quote for the same motorhome. All the details of the fictional motorhomer given during the survey were the same and the policies offered were similar. Despite this the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive was a staggering £717.56!

The complete survey revealed surprising variations in the quality and cost of cover. Each company was rated for how well it dealt with the query and value for money. To discover the details such as the value of personal effects covered, the excess to be paid, fire and accident coverage and what the winner, Comfort Insurance, had to offer, pick up a copy of the April issue of Which Motorhome.