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Motorhome drivers warned to beware

Comfort Insurance, providers of motorhome insurance policies has issued a warning to all motorhome drivers on the consequences of driving a motorhome with an inadequate driving licence.

Unfortunately, say Comfort a number of people do not realise the restrictions of the law and don’t check which licence they have. Ben Cue, Head of Operations at Comfort Insurance is warning against the danger of driving without the appropriate licence.

Ben says, “At Comfort Insurance we have seen cases of people who have broken the law without realising by driving a motorhome with the wrong licence.”

Ben explains that when you reach 70 years old you’ll need to renew your driving licence. He says, “To avoid losing your C1 entitlement you will need to ask your GP to fill in a D4 medical report form, as the standard renewal procedure will not include the C1 category.”

Ben also comments, “Time and time again we speak to people who have no idea about the requirements. This can have dire consequences and causes enormous expense when people’s vehicles are not insured. We really would urge people to investigate thoroughly before buying or driving a motorhome to ensure they are legally entitled to drive it”.

Motorhome drivers warned to beware