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Importance of a Cambelt replacement

A Cambelt (also known as a Timing Belt) is the most important maintenance item in your vehicle. It is a rubber belt that controls the camshafts in your engine, opening and closing valves at just the right time for smooth operation. The timing belt has teeth that turn the camshaft in time with the crankshaft.

Unlike problems with the clutch or the brakes, it is harder to know if there is an issue with the Cambelt from the noise it makes when you drive but the replacement of the Cambelt is essential as it does not last a lifetime.

As a Cambelt ages within the engine, it will be subject to the heat of the engine along with other factors like varying weather conditions. These stresses on the Cambelt can lead to it stretching and cracking. If a Cambelt becomes too worn, it can break and cause catastrophic damage to the engine. It is such a vital part of the car’s engine that it doesn’t matter whether the belt snaps entirely or whether a few of its teeth are stripped from the belt’s inner surface, the result will be the same. If a couple of teeth are stripped, the belt will not be able to grip onto the heads of the camshaft and the crankshaft properly, so the belt will either slip or stop transferring the power from one part of the engine to another and cause engine damage.

Along with the danger and inconvenience of a breakdown, it can also cost thousands of pounds to replace the engine of your vehicle, should a Cambelt break. Because of this risk, it is essential that Cambelts are replaced according to manufacturer’s replacement interval.

If in doubt, you should always replace your Cambelt rather than waiting to see if it lasts. The cost of having a new Cambelt fitted will be much lower than the cost of repairing a damaged engine if the belt snaps unexpectedly.

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