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How to check your car’s mileage and MoT history online

A new government website lets users find the entire MoT history of any vehicle plus other details freeKnowing the MoT history of a used car can prove invaluable when deciding wether to buy it or not, and to make matters easier, the UK Government now has a website that allows users to freely check the MoT and mileage history of any car by simply inputting the make and registration number.
The site gives detailed information of the car’s MoT history such as the dates of all the previous tests, the MoT test number, the mileage when tested, and most importantly whether the car passed or not.
If the car has failed, the site even tells users what the reasons for failure were. Advisory notices such as worn tyres, brake pads, or corrosion are also highlighted. By checking the car’s MoT past and mileage intervals between check-ups, you’re able to see if the seller is potentially hiding any flaws, and sniff out any signs of car clocking.

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