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We have seen an increase in the number of Mot testing centres offering cheap Mot’s, some as low as £20, what some people don’t realise is that there cheap for a reason, usually because your vehicle will be over failed on items that could pass or even be advised, the reason for this is so that the testing centre generates work. We just had a new customer this week who nearly got caught out by a main dealer who failed his car with a estimate of £1000 of work, he came to us for a Mot Test and most of the items that failed from the Main Dealer did not even come close to a fail or advisory, the main dealer failed the car on 14 items, when we tested the car it only failed on two items with a cost of less than £200, Car owners should find themselves a good independent trusted garage and stick with them, most Mot tests now cost around £45-£50 not £20, remember if its to cheap to be true it usually is!