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Bad Service

This week we had a Mini Bus in for a brake fault. Our client just purchased this vehicle for his Taxi business, he collected it from the Midlands. On his way home his brakes failed. We inspected the brakes and as you can see from our photos there not the best, the brake discs are heavily corroded and the brake calliper pistons where so badly corroded that they would not function correctly. We know that you can’t see everything when MOT Testing, but these brake discs could be seen through the slots in the wheels with an inspection lamp and I think common sense would tell you these brakes are not safe. Be careful when purchasing a new vehicle, ensure the MOT Test and service is from a well known garage and if you have any doubt pay for an inspection. We offer all our customers a free inspection as long as the vehicle can be bought to us. Call us for free advise and about our inspections. Tel: 01736 755684