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Adcamper advice for buying a caravan.

Adcamper advice for buying a caravan.

Different types of layouts available:
There is many different caravan layouts, a good place to start is go to a caravan dealer or trade show and take your time looking at all the layouts. If you have children, then take them along, and take there opinion in to consideration, you don’t want to rush in and buy a caravan with the wrong layout.

Price comparison within the market:
Compare prices within the trade and private. If you see a particular caravan that is cheaper than most others, then it has probably got an issue like damp or root. Take someone along with you who has experience, this could save you thousands of pounds.

Find out as much as you can about the caravan:
Ownership and warranty documents, service receipts and invoices, log book, CRiS documentation. Generally a caravan carrying well maintained service documents is a caravan that has been well looked after.

Establish the maximum weight your car can tow:
This will simplify your search as anything above this weight can be disregarded. By law no car is allowed to tow a caravan that weights more than 85% of its own weight.

CRiS Registered:
Check if the caravan has been CRiS registered. This will divulge information on its previous history – outstanding finance, insurance claims, damages and much more. It is well worth looking into.

Common Problems:
Common problems within models that require checks – if certain brands or models are prone to faults become familiar with this and check the caravan thoroughly.

Check sellers details:
Make sure they are who they say they are. Contact CRiS to get address details. If there are discrepancies, be wary.
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